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Extreme Temperature Security Camera

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This camera comes with a 4mm Lens. You can choose to get a different lens by selecting from these options.

Please select the length of wire you would like to purchase. These Video+Power wires are able to carry both video and power signals over the same cable. We also carry cabling that has RCA audio connectors, which you can use to combine with a microphone to pick up audio.

A power supply comes standard. Choose whether you need a power supply.

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If you are looking for a camera to mount on a pole under the hot sun that you know will bake a regular security camera, or need a camera to place in subzero temperatures, then you've come to the right place. We've taken the best elements of our professional CCTV cameras and combined them together to offer a outdoor camera solution that is industrial grade and Weather Proof. It is suitable for use in any weather and in the most rugged environments. This camera comes with a heating element inside for extreme cold temperatures and a fan for very hot temperatures. Both are controlled by an internal thermostat that is pre-programmed from the factory to turn on when needed. You can expect this camera to last a lot longer than conventional security cameras thanks to its rugged construction and the temperature controlled environment inside.

We now offer this extreme temperature solution with a resolution of 1000 TV Lines. The camera utilizes a 1/3" HD CCD with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that offers crisp, clear, state of the art imaging, a built-in Auto Electronic Shutter with Internal Auto-Iris that automatically adjusts to light changes, a Backlight Compensation feature (BLC) and all virtually achieve the impossible in low light conditions for a camera that doesn't include Infrared.

You have a choice of different lens options to choose from depending on the amount of zoom you are looking for. The camera comes standard with a 4mm lens that gives a 80 degree view. You can also upgrade to a manual varifocal lens with auto iris; these lenses can be adjust by levers located directly on the lens. The Auto-Iris 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom Lens provides a 90 degree max angle of view and 20 degree view at the narrowest mark. That translates to being able to see a face very clearly up to 30ft away from the camera at the 20 degree angle of view, and up to 15 feet away at the 90 degree angle of view. We also offer a more powerful 5-100mm Auto Iris Zoom Lens, which when all the way zoomed-in allows you to see a face up to 130ft away.


  • 1x 1000TVL CCTV camera
  • 1x Heater blower enclosure
  • 1x 4mm CS Mount Camera Lens, can be upgraded from selection above
  • 1x Wall mount bracket
  • 1x 24V AC power supply
  • 1x 2ft video/power pigtail for camera

All you need is a video/power extension cable for easy hook up to any Security DVR, TV or Monitor!

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Additional Info

Warranty 1 Year
Return Policy 30 Days Return Policy


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