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Digital Video Recorders

Security DVR Recorders, H.264 DVRs, and Portable DVRs

Free iPhone, Android remote viewing App for your DVR

Here's what makes our DVR Recorders stand apart from our competitors:

All of our DVRs are HD series resolution, offering D1 video recording quality at a resolution of 704x480 pixels on all channels.

All of our DVRs have USB ports for video backup on to a USB Flash Drive.

All of our DVRs have iPhone, Google Android Phone, Windows Mobile, and Internet Explorer based remote viewing capability.

All come with Free Tech Support for the life of the product. Unlike our competitors, we offer real live phone support when you need help setting up your DVR on the network for remote viewing over internet explorer. You simply call, and schedule an appointment.

Mini Professional DVRs
The Pro Series DVR are real-time Digital Video Recorders, that use the latest H264 Video Recording mechanism to record clear quality video, and support up to one hard disk drive installed inside the unit. They have two USB ports, one for video download on to a flash drive and the other one for the USB Mouse that comes with each unit. Some units offer CD/DVD burner support. These units have many of the same great features of our Elite and Ultimate Series DVRs. Best of all they offer D1 recording capability on all channels at 60 fps minimum total. That's what makes these DVRs stand apart from our competitors, whose DVRs in this price range only support D1 recording on 1 out of 9 cameras.

Pro Full HD DVRs
The Pro Full HD DVR are a low cost alternative to the High Capacity DVR, while still offering many of the same features. Most importantly they offer Real Time Recording (30fps per camera) and Playback at D1 Resolution for all cameras. The only thing they don't have are eSATA ports for external backup storage, hard drive Raid capabilities, or management software for Mac computers. Of course you can still watch video remotely through the Safari browser on the Pro Full HD DVRs.

High Capacity DVRs
The High Capacity DVRs are the ultimate in video surveillance recording, making them the choice of experienced CCTV professionals. These DVRs record at D1 resolution in real-time on every camera, that's 30 frames per second per camera. So if a person runs by the camera, you will see each and every step just like the human eye would. You can playback this real-time HD video frame by frame and see the action happen. In addition to the video frame rate, these DVRs offer multiple hard disk drive bays inside the unit, so you can add months of video storage. They also support CD/DVD burners for easy back up to disc.

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