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Security Cameras Protecting Communities: Safecam

In the past, neighborhood watch groups were formed from passionate and concerned citizens that were dedicated to safety in their home neighborhoods. These groups came to be with the knowledge that even police have a limit to their resources and manpower and being vigilant and alert was the best way to deter crime in any area. Now with home surveillance systems gaining popularity and abundant in metropolitan areas, a program has been launched with the concept of citizens helping their local police forces in keeping a watchful eye on their neighborhoods. Enter SafeCam.

SafeCam is a program that allows citizens to freely register with the police that they have privately owned and maintained security systems watching out for certain areas. By registering your security system through this program, you are affording the police the very valuable knowledge that if something were to happen in a certain district, perhaps you might have caught the crime occurring in this area.

In our hometown of Buffalo, NY, the police have implemented the Safecam program. In high crime areas, the police have asked for citizen help in keeping an eye out using the SafeCam program. Police departments the world over have a budget and a limit of coverage for every city. They simply cannot be everywhere at once. In today's high tech world, the police need help keeping an eye out and in many cases, solving crimes. SafeCam enables us all to be a part of the vigilance that is needed in every city to keep it safe, and making a positive impact on our own communities.

Citizens have pride in their neighborhood and this pride extends to the SafeCam program. This is an easy way to make a positive impact with very low effort.

Concerns regarding the SafeCam program and privacy issues

In today's world, many people have a growing concern for their privacy and control over the things they record and document. The SafeCam program is not about controlling your private recordings and equipment. It is about empowering every citizen to make a positive impact with their existing security cameras. By signing up for this program, you are simply stating to the Police department, "Hey I have cameras in this area if anything were to happen, you can contact me to see if I possibly have recordings that can assist you." You are not required to assist in any investigation and most importantly, Police DO NOT have direct control over your system.

In our own research we have contacted several cities about similar programs they have in place and factors about citizen involvement. Some of the departments we contacted are, Buffalo Police Department, New Orleans SafeCam Administrator, San Ramon Police Department (Citizen's View Program), and Salt Lake City PD. They all have provided that there is nothing in the signup agreement guaranteeing them access to your security system or your home recordings. You reserve the right to choose not to comply with any ongoing investigation, and you cannot be held liable for any circumstance regarding your voluntary participation in the SafeCam program.

Speaking directly to Sgt. Todd Santiago of the San Ramon Police Department, he was quoted saying, "No citizens would ever be held liable for a lack of footage, as this program [is] voluntary with citizens consensually allowing us to view their footage, when asked or offered. We expect that by volunteering for this program citizens are willing to share their footage when appropriate."

Of course by participating in the program you are saying, "I want to make a change and I'm willing to assist if possible." Police will contact you if there is a crime in your neighborhood but you will reserve your rights as always.

Benefits of the SafeCam program: Positive Changes in your Community

This is one of the best ways to make an impact on crime in your neighborhood and ultimately make your city safer. Your open and voluntary involvement aids the Police force in performing their duties to the public to keep us all safe. For those that are eager to make a change and especially for those that are concerned with their public safety and the safety of their friends and family, this is one of the best ways to be a positive change in your community.

Your recorded footage will enable police to solve crimes in a faster more efficient manner, and provide evidence that will help ensure that the guilty parties are held appropriately responsible for their actions. Police cannot patrol everywhere, and their own surveillance networks can only reach so far. One of the biggest benefits that is easy to see is alleviated stress on the taxpayer dollar. Police departments are funded through tax dollars. This SafeCam program enables the Police to more efficiently handle crimes, meaning less man hours spent on every crime. Less taxpayer dollars going towards surveillance systems for Police use, as well as less cameras needed in public spaces like streets and parks.

Of course, while participation grows, crime will also decline in general. Criminals will think twice knowing about extended security in these areas, and the more people arrested with the aid of these programs, the less criminals will be tempted to try their luck. This is the initial purpose behind the concept of programs like SafeCam. The intended result is empowering citizens to take back their neighborhoods, and lowering the crime rate on a citywide and national scale. This in turn is making everyone more conscious of the area they live in and what they can contribute to its ongoing safety and welfare.