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Welcome to 123 CCTV Support!

Our company has always prided itself on our ability to help our customers in every possible way we can.  Too often are support departments outsourced overseas or just unintelligible in general.  Your problem(s) are difficult enough as it is.  Our technicians are all in house, and are some of the best in the industry.  Unlike other companies you may come across, we specialize in all aspects of the CCTV and surveillance industry.  No project or problem is too big or too small; we're equipped to deal with it all.  Make your problems our problems and we'll arrive at a solution together.  Everyone needs a helping hand every now and again, and that's what we're here for.


Price Quotes and Consultations

Need a price quote?  No problem.  You tell us exactly what you want and we'll be more than happy to lay it out for you on paper and get it to you as fast as you need it.  Not sure what you want? Well, this is where consultations come in.  A very large portion of this industry caters to customers who don't have any experience with CCTV systems.  Having said that, most don't realize how incredibly complex and confusing it can all be.  Don't let yourself be overwhelmed.  We're not here to give you a sales a pitch or to confuse you.  You want advice and, more importantly, honesty and you're going to get it.  Let us show you what we can do for you.


Networking Assistance

This is where most people tend to hit a wall.  While your DVR is fully capable of allowing for local and remote access with just about any device, that doesn't mean you know how to set up that particular feature.  This is where we come in.  We offer to do this initial setup completely free of charge.  This is done by accessing your network from our computers here in our office.  During this time, we'll walk you through the process and educate you as we go.  In the end, we'll leave you with the information you need to access your camera feed from anywhere and the knowledge to fix any future problems yourself without having to waste time contacting anyone.


Easy to Install Digital Downloads

While all of our products come with the appropriate software and manuals, it's easy to find yourself in a situation where you need additional copies.  For that reason, we've compiled this list of the most commonly required items.  By clicking any of the links below, the corresponding file will automatically begin to download from your internet browser.  After it's been downloaded, simply click on the file to run the installer and follow the simple on screen instructions for quick and easy installation.


Pro Surveillance SoftwareDVR User ManualsOther
Smart PSS Mini Series 1U Case
Mini Series 1U Quick Start Guide
TeamViewer Quick Support for PC
Smart PSS for Mac PF Series
Professional Series 1U Case
Professional Series 1U Quick Start Guide
TeamViewer Quick Support for Mac
SmartPSS Manual 4/8/16/32 Channel
High Capacity Series 2U
2U DVR Quick Start Guide
IP Configuration Tool
DVR User Manuals Scheduled Backup Tool
  NVR User Manual Avalonix Smart Player
  Other Media  DAV Video Player



Smartphone and Tablet Applications

pegaso-litePegaso Lite – This is the free version of our smartphone/tablet application.  Any first time user of our mobile applications should begin here before moving into the more advanced version.  This app features live viewing of up to 16 cameras simultaneously, video playback, PTZ control, and much more.

pegaso-plusPegaso Plus – This is the paid, and more advanced, version of our mobile app.  It will offer additional features such as push notifications for motion detection, as well as the ability to alter additional configuration settings within your video recorder.

**Other variations of the Pegaso application exist but are outdated and should not be used.  They are easily recognizable by the acronym HD being in the name of the app.  

Instructional Videos

More often than not, we find that trying to explain a solution to any problem, whether it be over the phone or via e-mail, just isn't enough in the end.  For that reason, we created our 123 CCTV YouTube channel.  Since it's inception, we've been filling it with as many videos as we have ideas for.  While you'll come across the occasional unboxing video or product demonstration, we spend the majority of our time creating simple to follow and visual solutions to any issue you may have.  However, we must give credit where credit is due.  Not all of these videos were our idea.  In fact, very few of them we're actually our idea.  The truth is, this plethora of information only came to be because of you.  Without you alerting us to your issue, we would never of had the opportunity (or idea) to make that video that may have helped you.  So, don't be shy; when you have a problem, let us know.  We're more than happy to help you through anything that's causing you stress.  Check out the videos below for just a few examples.